Monday, January 16, 2017

2017 goals

Hello again. Long time no see!
Life has been even crazier than in the past and I don't have time to blog (or create or cook/bake) like I'd like to. Most of all I miss the feeling of pride after being crafty, the satisfaction of having a tangible finished project, one that I made with my own hands.
So it's a new year, and once again I set goal, not resolutions. I tried to keep them SMART, lol.

My 2017 goals
- 12 (or 17) crafts completed
- 12 new meals for my family to try, we are really in a rut right now and need some new dinner ideas
- 5 date nights. Life gets busy and having an almost 17 month old takes almost all our time and attention, but sometimes we need to be just us two, hopefully this will be an easy goal to meet!


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