Monday, January 12, 2015

Organize that Tupperware!

Happy New Year Everyone!  I am so excited to be back to blogging :)  How are your new year's resolutions going?  Is one of them to be more organized?
With the turn of the year, many people use this time to a fresh start and try to get more organized in their life.  Last year I shared with you a binder I made to organize my homemade birthday cards.  This year, I am sharing with you how I organized my baking cabinet.  It also happens to be part of the Silhouette Challenge and I am so excited to take part in my first challenge.  (Can I just say I love my Silhouette Cameo?!  I really do - it's been awesome to learn to use is the last several months and there are so many amazing projects out there.  I can't wait to share more of the cute things I have made, but those are posts for another day :)
So clearly I love to bake - if you know me or have been reading long, you will find many yummy treats on here.  Every good baker needs to have her supplies easily accessible.  One of the things I loved about my husband's house when we first got married was the space for my baking supplies - It was a serious treat after having things stuffed in odd places in my tiny galley kitchen in my apartment.

While I love my baking cabinet, it definitely needed a bit of a face-lift and some organization.  This project fit the bill and was a super simple one to tackle.
The first thing I did was measure the face of each of the different sizes of Tupperware I wanted to label.

Next I picked a font I liked (I used KC Lemonade - so fun!)  (second side note - KC Lemonade came from and typed out my labels in the Studio program.  The KC font was pretty good, but to be on the safe side, I did offset the text by .02, just to make it a tiny bit thicker and easier to cut out.
I double check my measurements, to make sure that everything would fit, then it was time to cut!  I used Oracle 651 vinyl and used the default cut settings in Studio for vinyl.  I also used my mat when I was cutting.  
Once everything was cut out, it was time to weed it out (get rid of all the parts of vinyl you don't want, leaving just your letters)
I didn't have any transfer tape at the time, so I used a lint roller sheet instead.  Place your transfer tape over your design, and use your scraper tool to get it to stick to your letters.  Then slowly peel the backing away.  Now place your letters on your Tupperware and use the scraper tool again to get the vinyl to adhere to your Tupperware.  

Repeat as needed for each label you made. 
Ta Da!  All neatly labeled.  Now I not forever confusing my flour and sugar at first glace.  

I love how my cabinet looks now too - all pretty and organized.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goals in 2015

They're baaaaack!  In 2013 I made goals (I don't like the word resolution) and updated you every month.
I missed doing that in 2014.  2015 is going to be a busy year, I am sure, but I missed the written down goals and looking at my progress throughout the year.  So I'm writing down a few goals for this year to give myself some guidance.

1. Run 215 miles (yes, this mileage is shorter than my goals in previous years, but I've been so sore lately, I've barely been able to run, so I need to slowly build a solid base again)
2. Knit 5 Chemo Caps
3. Finish my next prayer shawl
4. Make 52 Cards for Operation Write Home
5. Personal goal - not exactly sure on this one yet - stay tuned :)
6. Date night with my husband - at least once a month!
7. Open an Etsy shop and sell at least one item (to someone who is not my mom, lol)
8. I also want to do Project Pinterest again - this year I want to actually DO 15 things I pin on Pinterest :)

These are the things I would like to do this year.  What are your goals for the new year?

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year!  I can't believe that 2014 is already over.  It seems like the year sure flew by.  While 2014 was less eventful for my family that 2013 had been, it was a very busy year none the less.

Early 2014 saw us in the grips of bitter cold - M and I made the best of things by going skiing nearly every weekend.

As spring arrived, I lost my grandfather and celebrated the wedding of my best friend - all in the same week.

During summer I participated in 100 Happy Days and found lots of small things to celebrate every day.  As usual, the summer went by way to quickly, but the highlight of our summer were three camping trips, one with my parents, one with friends, and one with M's parents.

Summer came to the end with the wedding of my brother and I became a godmother to my cousin's son!

Fall saw me return to work as an adviser at my online school, working with 8th graders again.  They sure keep me busy.
The biggest change in our year happened in November when my husband decided he had had enough of the crazy schedule working for the sound and production company and returned to work as an electrician in a neighboring town.  It's been an adjustment for us both, but we are enjoying having our weekends together again!
We closed out 2014 listening to our favorite band.  M worked for his old company for the night and we rang in the New Year with Brat Pack Radio.

I know I've been absent on here for quite awhile (blame my computer needing to get sent back for repairs the week of Thanksgiving and then scrambling to finish up last minute Christmas gifts), but I have lots of fun things to share with you for the new year.  I've been busy while I've been on break from work preparing posts.  I'm going to start small, and plan to post at least once a week, if I get enough ideas stocked up, then I'll go for more :)  I can't wait to share with you some of my recent craft projects and kitchen successes!
I hope you all have a wonderful new year!
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