Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cake Finale

So Wednesday night we were supposed to have our final cake class.
But it got canceled because it was snowing and the roads weren't the best.
I had already prepped my cake and had it frosted and waiting for decoration.  So last night I figured I should finish the job, even if we weren't having class.
I taught myself how to do the ribbon roses (white roses) on the cake and practiced my lettering.  I made up the little pink hearts. 
Not to shabby

So here is my final cake :)  I'm glad M left it alone long enough for me to take a picture of it Enjoy!
Testing out my printing skills and my ribbon rose making

I did a shell boarder and a zig zag boarder to cover up the edges of my cake.  I did swirled drop flowers to add a bit of decoration to the side.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reversible Headband

I don't know about you, but I have tons of little wispy hair... and it goes everywhere!  It drives me crazy when I'm working out because all these little hairs will blow around and stick to my face.  Not cool.  I saw this patter for a double sided headband and I loved it.  Using some scrap fabric I decided to try my hand at making one.  It's a pretty easy pattern - fom Happy Together!

Using the pattern above from Happy Together, first you cut out your curved headband piece and the straight piece for the back of the headband.  You can use the same fabric, or contrasting fabric, or two completely random fabrics.  You need two headband pieces and two backing pieces.

 Next pin the headband pieces together, right sides facing in.  Do the same with the backing pieces.
Sew the long edges together, leaving the short sides open.  Sew this way <------> on the picture below.
 Turn the pieces right side out again.  I find it helpful to put a safety pin on one end and use that to help me turn the piece inside out.
After this step you can iron.  I found it useful to press the piece to make the edges crisp, especially because I was using two different fabrics and didn't want the edges to roll.

 Next, take your elastic and thread it through the backing piece.  Be careful not to let the elastic go all the way through.

 When the elastic reaches the end, sew back and forth to anchor it the edge of the backing.  (Sorry this picture isn't the greatest, but you can kind of see the elastic poking our there on my backing piece)

Once one end of elastic is anchored, finish threading the elastic through.  Scrunch the backing together and close the other end of the backing piece, anchoring the elastic in place.
Tuck the ends in (so the raw edges don't show) on your headband piece and push the ends of the backing piece in.  Sew back and forth to anchor the backing to the head band.

Ta da!  You're done :)  You made a reversible headbad.  Way to go!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wilton Cake Class 3

Last night Stitch and I went to our third cake class.  We worked on learning to make flowers and worked on decorating cupcakes. 
The white cupcake in the middle has a shaggy mum on it.  That was fun to make using a tip with a lot of small dots in it. 
The cupcake in on the lower left has a pom pom flower.  It's made using tip 18 (a med size star tip) and doing layers of petals.  It works much better to decorate straight onto the cupcake rather than trying to move the flower after making it on a flower nail (as evidenced by the other two blue flowers)
We also filled our cupcakes, or attempted to. My chocolate filling that M had requested was awfully thick so it was hard to pipe into the cupcakes.  But M has already taste tested them and said he liked them without too much filling.  :)
Next week is our grand finale.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wilton Cake Class 2

I made it to the end of first semester.  It sure has been a busy week.  You would have thought I would have had more time for myself, with M working till 2 every night and me being on my own, but instead I ended up working late each night this week and time just got away from me.  But the good news is that the semester is done and I made it :)  Now to gear up for semester 2.
Despite the busy week, I had some nice downtime on Wednesday night and Stitch and I were at our second week of Wilton Cake Class.
This week we actually got to decorate our cake.  Look how we did!
Photo courtesy of Stitch
Mine is the one on the left

This week we worked on makes dots.  Big dots, little dots and balloon shaped dots.
We also learned how to use clear piping gel to transfer he image of the cupcake onto our cakes - seriously cool stuff!  You draw your design on parchment paper, then go over it with piping gel, then put it on the cake - and ah-ha lines to follow to decorate a design - way cool :)
After cake class I took my cake to the guys who were working at the theater and the were properly impressed and very much enjoyed the treat.

Happy weekend!

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Wilton Cake Class 1

I've been sick most of this week :(  Which hasn't been any fun.  But I did get a little fun and learned something new this week!

This January, a friend and I are taking the Wilton Cake Decorating Level 1 class at Michaels.  We had our first class on Wednesday night.
We learned some basics about baking a cake and learning to decorate it
  • You always want to decorate the bottom of a cake - nice flat non-crumbly surface
  • Don't overbeat your cakes - gives you too many air bubbles and makes your cake puff up in a minute.
We also learned about how to use the star tip to decorate. To use the star tip you hold your pastry bag at a ninety degee angle (up and down right above the item you are decorating).  Apply pressue to your bag to squeeze out some frosting.  Pause and then raise your tip.

Here's a few cookies we made :)  Up next week is actually decorating a cake!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Looking back on this week

Well, the first short week of the year is in.
It's been a busy one!  That's for sure.
It was tough to work towards my goals this week, with returning to work, and having to travel to the office for a meeting.  But even so, I managed to go for my run before leaving for the cities on Wednesday night.  Thursday night, I made it home in time to grab my suit and race to the gym to make it to deep water exercise.  Friday was tough too, because I couldn't work out right after work because of my dad's basketball game, but I still made myself run when I got home from that before eating dinner with Matt.
Whew... busy.
But I set these goals and I don't want to mess things up before I even really get going.
So many people have been commenting that they are tired just looking at my goals.  I didn't mean for that to happen.  I just wanted to share what I was thinking.  I'm trying to hold myself more accountable.  I also want to write things down so I can see if I accomplish them.
I also did some knitting this week, it was nice to relax a tiny bit.
Now back to finishing taking down the Christmas tree in between making dinner.

How was your first week of 2013?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wedding Pictures - Reception

First Dance

Father Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance
3 generations dancing
Bremer kids waiting patiently to dance

My parents actually danced!

Band is firing up!

Dance like an Egyptian!

My Opa had purple hair for me :)

Yummy cakes!

Cutting the cake
Eating cake

Boquet Toss

"How many layers are there?"

My dad's speech

Best Man

Maid of Honor telling Matt to tickle me
Nervous to death to say my Thank Yous

And one armed push-ups in the middle of the dance floor


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