Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 days

I've been married for all of 10 days and already my husband is leaving me.  No, we didn't have a fight, but he does have to go away for work.  And it stinks.  At least this should be the last unexpected trip away that he takes for awhile.  We just found out late Sunday night that he was going to have to leave this morning - thanks political season. 
On the positive side, due to the long hours he worked last weekend, plus this trip away, plus his hours coming up this weekend - should mean that he will be off all of next week.  It will be nice to have some quality time with him!  And I will also appreciate his help in cleaning and helping me put away our wedding gifts which are still sitting on the ping pong table in the basement.
We did get a chance to carve our pumpkins last night :)  Stay tuned for some Halloween pictures.  My new husband is a champion decorator :)

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