Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!!!!

I love the opportunity to play dress up and be someone else for a night.  My new husband also likes to decorate the house.

Here's a photo tour of our living room
Top of the Bookshelf

My Ghosty - I used to have a haunted house to match, but my mom got rid of it after I got my finger in the outlet one day when I plugged it in when I was 4. 

Living room with pumpkin lights and the window

On Monday night Matt and I carved our pumpkins.  I went simple this year, as we didn't start until 9 pm.  Matt kept laughing at me as I pulled out the "guts"  It should be gross, but I always think its a little fun to clean out the insides of the pumpkins :)
Matty wearing my Halo for good measure

Hard at work

Whose is whose?

M and I with our pumpkins :)

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