Friday, December 14, 2012

Visit to Madison

So this post is about two weeks overdue.  Sorry! 
The first weekend in December, M and I made our annual visit to Madison to visit our dear friends.  It's always such a treat to see them because they have such busy schedules.  They moved into a new house last summer and have been fixing it up, so it was exciting to see the changes that they have made (and it was so awesome to sleep in a bed instead of a mattress in the middle of the living room!) 
M helped my cousin with several house projects like building shelves in the basement and installing a TV in the kitchen (which was a far bigger project than expected!).  My weekend was quite a bit more relaxing as I helped my friend run some errand.... and then.... the highlight of my weekend... she taught me to make homemade cards!  For the past few years since I met C, she has been sending me the most adorable cards for birthdays and special days.  I have always wanted her to teach me.  In fact, she sent me some supplies for my birthday in 2011 to get me started... but our schedules have been so busy since that that we were never able to connect for a day of instruction.  Well finally on Dec. 2nd we did!  It was so much fun.  In just a few hours, I learned a lot of different techniques and made 11 cards in 3 themes.  Awesome!
On my wish list are several cardmaking supplies so I can keep creating on my own, in between our visits to Madison.
Have a great weekend!
I love the balloons and clouds

A close up

Purple cards were of course a must!  I used the flowers and happy birthday rub ons that I've had for ever!

I think this one might be my favorite :)  Love the combination of the butterflies and sparkles

The snowmen were adorable! 

And look so pretty with silver embossing!

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