Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Countdown Kisses

Remember the advent calendars you had as a kid?  My aunt would always mail one to us, the kind where you had the chocolate each day and it told the Christmas story. 
Pinterest was full of advent calendar ideas in the week around Thanksgiving.  I saw this on and I fell in love with it. 

I wanted to start a tradition of doing an advent calendar with Matt, but didn't want to go buy one, but I've been busy so I went for this nice and simple one. 
All you need is some saran wrap, Hershey's Kisses, and some spare yarn or string.

Take about 2-3 feet of saran wrap and lay it down on the floor. (it's ok if you run out, saran wrap is nice and sticks to itself, so if you run out of room, you can always add more)  Place your kisses in the middle and wrap them up burrito style.  Tie a piece of string below each kiss to hold it in place.  You'll want to tie it tight and double knot it.
Tie a string with a loop at the top so you can hand it somewhere.  I have ours hung over our calendar in the kitchen.
And ta-da.  A chocolate Kiss for each day leading up to Chrismas.  Matt gets a kiss and so do I :)  I think I'll like this plan!

Idea from: It's Overflowing

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  1. We've done the saran wrap chain before too! Who doesn't want chocolate first thing in the am?


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