Saturday, March 9, 2013

UFO - Unfinished Objects

I have a problem
I love starting new craft project.  BUT... I have issues finishing them :(  Sad face big time.
Pinterest isn't helping the matter at all.  I see all these awesome sewing and other craft related items.  I get all excited.  I make plans to go to the store to get supplies.  I can't wait to get started.  But there's a catch - I either get started and never finish, or I can't find the time to actually do all the projects rolling about in my head that I'm so excited to try.  Not fun.

Here's what I've got going at the moment
Projects I have started and not finished yet.
Felted messenger bag
Knitted Sweater - just needs the seams finished
2nd sock for my mom (the first one was done ages ago)

Prayer Shawl
Finished 4/2/13

  • And I usually have a chemo cap and a dishcloth going at all time
  • I think there are probably more, but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head

Projects that I want to start, but should probably finish those listed above first.
Does anyone else have this problem?  What are you looking forward to working on?  What are your UFOs that you can never seem to finish?


  1. Mine is a cloth diaper. I swear I have been trying to finish that diaper for more than 2 months.

    I just can't do it. I think I have just totally gotten over it.

    I also have a ipod case that I have been trying to sew for as many months. It's just that other things have priority right now.

    I even got fabric for it.

    It's annoying.

    1. Whew - I'm so glad that it's not just me! I hope you find the motivation to finish your diaper clutch and iPod case - those sound like fun projects! My friends came over to visit and they gave me some motivation to work on my prayer shawl. It's 5 inches closer to being done!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh come now Danielle, how could you possibly think it's just you with UFO's? :) you've seen my knitting room, I've currently got about 9 UFO's just in knitting projects alone, let alone the beaded necklace that was started back in January 2010 and various cross stitch projects that have been sitting since high school. For encouragement, I made a menu board (not used nearly as often as I'd like) from Pinterest in about 2 hours one day. Get the supplies and bring them along to the next girls' night and you'll have it done in no time! ~Emily


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