Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#100 Happy Days (vol. 2)

I'm back :)
Here's what's been making me happy lately

Day 6 (6/21) - So so happy to be able to drive my car again (even if the AC still isn't fixed, at least I can drive my own car again!)

Day 7 (6/22) - Our new screen tent - which I love - no getting eaten by bugs while trying to relax or eat dinner!

Day 8 (6/23) - Hiking with my husband in Tettegouche State Park

Day 9 (6/24) - Sleeping in my own (dry!) bed!

Day 10 (6/25) - Got to spend a little quiet time reading from my Nook

Day 11 (6/26) -  It was cool enough in the morning to make some cookies and I tried a new recipe!

Day 12 (6/27) - Had an awesome run - maybe my hip is finally starting to feel better!

Day 13 (6/28) - Celebrated the wedding of one of my college friends, with one of my best friends!

Day 14 (6/29) - I was feeling lazy after my late night last night, but I spent time in the afternoon making cards - happy with how they turned out!
Day 15 (6/30) - Volleyball was canceled tonight - which was not a happy thing, but I relaxed and did some reading instead.

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