Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#100 Happy Days (vol. 3)

Ok, this post is getting really long and I'm missing some pictures - I'm sorry!  But enjoy my happy moments from the last few weeks :)

Day 16 (7/1) Lazy day with some reading :)

Day 17 - My flowers are blooming!

Day 18 - Went to see a friend's band play

Day 19 - Happy 4th of July!  We had great weather for our badminton games :)

Day 20 (7/5) - Date night with my husband :)

Day 21 - In between rain showers went rollerblading!

Day 22 - We avoided the rain and got some volleyball in!

Day 23 - So proud of myself for cleaning out my closet and my dresser.  Have two bags of clothes to donate!

Day 24 - Woodfired Pizza with my mom in the teeny tiny town of Berne

Day 25 (7/10) - Laundry and getting ready for camping again!

Day 26 - Another hiking club password

Day 27 - Celebrating my birthday with friends (and later family), my friends even surprised me with a birthday muffin while camping

Day 28 - Monday night means volleyball night - love this Monday night tradition!  Matt even played this week

Day 29 - Breaking in the new measuring spoons and cups I got for my birthday

Day 30 (7/16) - so happy with how my flowers are doing this summer!

Day 31 - Tried a new recipe of chicken and potato kabobs - definitely a keeper and recipe coming soon!

Day 32 - Capped off the night with some awesome weather for volleyball in the valley.

Day 33 - Bachelorette party one of two for the weekend - celebrating with my husband's cousin!

Day 34 - Celebrated my future Sister-in-Law's bachelorette party - I'm pretty proud of the garter set I made.
Day 35 - Saw an Eagle while Canoeing

Day 36- we won two games in volleyball tonight!!!!  And I served 10 in a row to help lift out team to victory in the first game - it was an awesome feeling!

Day 37 (7/23) - Visit from my momma!

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