Thursday, November 8, 2012

Name Change

Made the next step in the name change process today.  Went to the DMV to get an updated photo ID.  I was hoping they weren't going to take my picture, but I was wrong... I don't think it's going to look very  nice.

So far I have
Been added to M's bank account
Added him to my bank accounts and changed my name there
Gotten a new social security card
Registered to vote with my new name and address
Changed my name with my insurance and added M to my insurance (yippee!!)
Gotten a new work e-mail
My name got changed yesterday in my on-line school.  Now I have to start remembering to answer my phone correctly.  lol
I put a reminder on my monitor
Still to do
Get a safety deposit box
Change my name on my 401 K and change my beneficiary to M
Get name on the house deed
Get a new passport - so we can go on a honeymoon!
Get a new library card
Change my name at the doctor's office
Any anything else that comes in my name in the mail.  lol

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