Saturday, May 11, 2013

Save me Some Saturday #1

Hi again
I thought I would share some more coupons with you after taking a break for a few weeks.  I've sorted them into categories for you and they're arranged by value - how easy is that!
I hope you find something useful to save you/your family some money - every little bit helps!
Happy Saturday!

  • ALWAYS POPULAR: $5.00 off one 5 quart jug of Valvoline Motor Oil
  • Toys
    Multimedia Products + Magazines + Batteries
    Diapers, Diapers, Diapers + Baby Products
    Coffee + Beverage + Drinks + Juice
    Snacks + Candy
    Cereal + Breakfast Stuff
    Condiment + Sauce + Dressings
    GLADE + Air Fresheners
    Hair + Eyes + Ears + Nose + Teeth + BEAUTY & Body Products (VERY POPULAR)
    Health & Wellness (Vitamins + Personal Care Products)
    Cleaning + Scrubbing + Detergents
    Food Stuffs + Soup

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