Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wilton Cake Class 3

Last night Stitch and I went to our third cake class.  We worked on learning to make flowers and worked on decorating cupcakes. 
The white cupcake in the middle has a shaggy mum on it.  That was fun to make using a tip with a lot of small dots in it. 
The cupcake in on the lower left has a pom pom flower.  It's made using tip 18 (a med size star tip) and doing layers of petals.  It works much better to decorate straight onto the cupcake rather than trying to move the flower after making it on a flower nail (as evidenced by the other two blue flowers)
We also filled our cupcakes, or attempted to. My chocolate filling that M had requested was awfully thick so it was hard to pipe into the cupcakes.  But M has already taste tested them and said he liked them without too much filling.  :)
Next week is our grand finale.  Stay tuned!

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