Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cake Finale

So Wednesday night we were supposed to have our final cake class.
But it got canceled because it was snowing and the roads weren't the best.
I had already prepped my cake and had it frosted and waiting for decoration.  So last night I figured I should finish the job, even if we weren't having class.
I taught myself how to do the ribbon roses (white roses) on the cake and practiced my lettering.  I made up the little pink hearts. 
Not to shabby

So here is my final cake :)  I'm glad M left it alone long enough for me to take a picture of it Enjoy!
Testing out my printing skills and my ribbon rose making

I did a shell boarder and a zig zag boarder to cover up the edges of my cake.  I did swirled drop flowers to add a bit of decoration to the side.

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