Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reversible Headband

I don't know about you, but I have tons of little wispy hair... and it goes everywhere!  It drives me crazy when I'm working out because all these little hairs will blow around and stick to my face.  Not cool.  I saw this patter for a double sided headband and I loved it.  Using some scrap fabric I decided to try my hand at making one.  It's a pretty easy pattern - fom Happy Together!

Using the pattern above from Happy Together, first you cut out your curved headband piece and the straight piece for the back of the headband.  You can use the same fabric, or contrasting fabric, or two completely random fabrics.  You need two headband pieces and two backing pieces.

 Next pin the headband pieces together, right sides facing in.  Do the same with the backing pieces.
Sew the long edges together, leaving the short sides open.  Sew this way <------> on the picture below.
 Turn the pieces right side out again.  I find it helpful to put a safety pin on one end and use that to help me turn the piece inside out.
After this step you can iron.  I found it useful to press the piece to make the edges crisp, especially because I was using two different fabrics and didn't want the edges to roll.

 Next, take your elastic and thread it through the backing piece.  Be careful not to let the elastic go all the way through.

 When the elastic reaches the end, sew back and forth to anchor it the edge of the backing.  (Sorry this picture isn't the greatest, but you can kind of see the elastic poking our there on my backing piece)

Once one end of elastic is anchored, finish threading the elastic through.  Scrunch the backing together and close the other end of the backing piece, anchoring the elastic in place.
Tuck the ends in (so the raw edges don't show) on your headband piece and push the ends of the backing piece in.  Sew back and forth to anchor the backing to the head band.

Ta da!  You're done :)  You made a reversible headbad.  Way to go!

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  1. cute! I've been meaning to make some headbands. Thanks for the link to the pattern.

    1. Thanks for visiting! You are welcome for the pattern! Enjoy making them - they are super easy and very cute :)

  2. Very cute headband! I like the colors that you chose! I just started a new link party and would love for you to come over and share your post or any social media sites. Talkin’ About Thursday - http://designeddecor.com/talkin-about-thursday-link-party-5/

  3. I NEED one of these!
    So fun that it is reversible, so practical that it has elastic!


    hugs x

    1. Thanks Crystelle! They are so easy to make! Give it a try and let me know what you think :)

  4. Thanks for linking up! I cant wait to see what you share this week! Enjoy your week!

  5. Hi I don't understand what is the backing piece? & why not just cut one big piece? I'm not understanding, sorry.

    1. Hi Tina - you need the backing piece for the part that goes behind your head. It should be separate so that you can put the elastic in it. If it was all one big piece, the part at the top of your head would get bunched up funny/you would not have a spot to anchor the elastic. Does that help?


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