Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wilton Cake Class 2

I made it to the end of first semester.  It sure has been a busy week.  You would have thought I would have had more time for myself, with M working till 2 every night and me being on my own, but instead I ended up working late each night this week and time just got away from me.  But the good news is that the semester is done and I made it :)  Now to gear up for semester 2.
Despite the busy week, I had some nice downtime on Wednesday night and Stitch and I were at our second week of Wilton Cake Class.
This week we actually got to decorate our cake.  Look how we did!
Photo courtesy of Stitch
Mine is the one on the left

This week we worked on makes dots.  Big dots, little dots and balloon shaped dots.
We also learned how to use clear piping gel to transfer he image of the cupcake onto our cakes - seriously cool stuff!  You draw your design on parchment paper, then go over it with piping gel, then put it on the cake - and ah-ha lines to follow to decorate a design - way cool :)
After cake class I took my cake to the guys who were working at the theater and the were properly impressed and very much enjoyed the treat.

Happy weekend!

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